Intronaut Fluid Existential Inversions

Fluid Existential Inversions

Intronaut Fluid Existential Inversions

Never stagnant, concerned with trends or even aiming to please, Intronaut have continued to evolve and experiment throughout their 16-year existence. Intronaut’s latest offering, Fluid Existential Inversions, sees the band once again pushing forward into new territory, while keeping a sense of familiarity. Fluid Existential Inversions aims to reconstruct any preconceived notion of the band.
Drummer Alex Rudinger (Whitechapel, Threat Signal) is to be commended for his work; his unorthodox patterns fuse cohesion throughout the entire record. From the dizzying cymbal hits on “The Cull” to his unorthodox approach to breakdowns throughout the record, Rudinger brings a variety of stylistic choices that fit right in the band’s wheelhouse.
Fluid Existential Inversions is constantly combining opposing sequences together. For every heavy passage, there is a melodic one that operates as its equal. From the death metal riffs on “Contrapasso” to the breakdown-turned-jazz in “Tripolor,” Intronaut are trying to break an sense of what to expect from the band. With its sharp approach to songwriting, and embrace of the unexpected, Fluid Existential Inversions is an album worthy of constant revisiting, and arguably one of the best metal records of the year. (Metal Blade) Free Intronaut Fluid Existential Inversions MP3 More Link Download.mp3 .rar .zip

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